Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches – Tactile & Clicky – Chroma RGB Lighting – Anti-Ghosting – Programmable Macro Functionality

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  • Brand: Razer
  • Series: RZ03-02860200-R3U1
  • Item model number: RZ03-02860200-R3U1
  • Hardware Platform: PC
  • Item Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 17.73 x 1.58 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.5 x 17.73 x 1.58 inches
  • Color: Classic Black
  • Manufacturer: Razer Inc.
  • ASIN: B07NZX84HB
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: March 14, 2019


Experience one of the most iconic mechanical gaming keyboards with the Razer BlackWidow. It's loaded with features to always give you the advantage, such as our fine-tuned Razer green mechanical switches for a fast...

User reviews

Wait what the hell happened to the price?Yesterday/earlier today it was $139.99 but as a "Limited Time Price". (When I bought this thing)Now it's the same price, but no longer marked as "Limited Time".So was the whole "Limited Time" thing just to generated some fake urgency?UPDATE: So above is what I wrote right after I ordered it and before I received it. Now that it's here. I have issues with this board.1) Biggest gripe here. The USB passthrough is on the LEFT side. For me the only reason I want to use the passthrough is for my mouse. Everyone is different, I get it. But I just don't see what device you can plug in on the LEFT side that would be convenient and useful on a "gaming" keyboard. There's already an audiojack for headphones.2) It's not really that good of a keyboard for the price. The keys are great, love the keys, but the overall look and feel of the board is lacking. The design is VERY basic and does not offer that premium feel that should go along with the price. Looks like a $40 off-brand keyboard. Of course this is a personal taste, but just look at this keyboard next to the other $120+ mech keyboards on the market. It's hard not to notice the difference.For all those reasons, I'll probably be returning this board and buying a more affordable one with the same functions (minus audiojack) and a USB passthrough I can actually use. Since I can just buy this one back anytime as the price is NOT LIMITED TIME.UPDATE 2: Welp, my "Limited Time" Price of $139.99, from just 10 days, ago just went to $99.99 today (2019-12-02). Nice. I'm definitely returning it now. Ironically, now that it's down to $100, it's actually a pretty good value. So I wonder, did they put "Limited Time Price" on a price that they KNEW they were going to lower by about 30%, just so they can trick as many people as possible into buying it at the higher price? That's pretty damn shady if that's true.
I expect greatness for the price and was let down. Keyboard does very few things right. The deal breaker for me was needing to login to a buggy software program in order to switch up the RGB. The problems dont stop there though. My 4 year old K95 runs circles around this keyboard and Corsair software aint that great either. Its sad becuase i really like Razer products but this one is no good.
I type for a living... that's what I do daily for hours and hours. Before I got the BlackWidow Elite (Orange Switches), I never looked forward to using the keyboard -- That all changed once this bad boy arrived. It's by far the best computer keyboard I've ever owned. Based on the quality of this thing, the BlackWidow Elite will probably be the last keyboard I'll ever buy.Pro:Look and feel -- The keyboard looks great, has a "weight" which speaks to its quality and of course, the ability to customize its lighting easily via Razer Synapse is nice. It also comes with a foam "pleather" wrist pad which feels very nice during my long typing sessions. It's connected to the keyboard via a magnet which is a nice touch.Performance -- Typing on the keyboard is a true joy. I don't like messing around with batteries and Bluetooth for my keyboard and mouse as there are just too many things that can go wrong at the wrong time. So, being plugged in directly to my computer, this thing is a workhorse. The mechanical keys pop and sound great. The Orange Switches are It's flawless. It just works "perfectly".Mechanical Keys -- I went with the Orange Switches which are advertised as "Tactile and Silent". Previously I've had the Green Switches and.... they were just a bit too noisy to use in an office setting. I'm glad I made the choice. the Orange Keys are a perfect balance of performance, pop, and sound. Not silent, however, they are not overly loud either.Features -- There are many features and special keys on the keyboard however the one I use the most "by far" is the volume control, mute bottom, and media controls (Pause Music, next, back). It's in the perfect spot and allows me to easily adjust my volume. Love, love, love it!Cons:1 - The price (it's spendy)2 - Single USB port on the Keyboard. It would be nice if it has a 2nd USB port I could use. It's a simple solution to solve with a small USB hub but, as a minimalist, a few ports would avoid more clutter on my desk.3 - Must be connected to a computer using two USB ports.*Update 12/11/2020*Still going strong with this keyboard. After countless hours of use, it still looks and works as good as the day I bought it. Highly recommended, 5+ stars!

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