Introducing Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV, hands-free with Alexa

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  • Brilliant 4K entertainment - Bring movies and shows to life with support for vivid 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, and control the TV hands-free with Alexa.
  • Scenes that leap off the...

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    Bought this for a bedroom as my son took a smart tv to school with him. So we thought this was a perfect time to try this tv!First the good.Great price, and actually has a fantastic picture. It is so nice it almost forced me to keep this.They also gave a full refund quickly.The bad. Their app store is horribly under stocked. This is amazon...this should have been done before launch.They don't have an app for one of the biggest cable companies in the country (really?). Support told me that it could be side loaded, but they can't tell me how. (What!?).Can't connect a hard drive and watch downloads. External drives are not supported at this time. So you need to also connect a device/laptop to run an external ssd???? This is extremely oddMine couldn't scan any cable channels.The Alexa light stays on nearly constantly. Even if you turn it off.. and if you do, you also have a red LED that stays on permanently. So no sleeping in a dark room even with alexa on or off.This tv is always listening thru the remote...which is a horrible remote.Casting turned into a multistep process. Other tvs alert you a device is connecting, you approve, done. This one you have to tell to look for a connecting device . Every time.This tv is not intuitive and barely meets the mark of "smart"I wasn't going to buy a first generation tv, but this is from Amazon and their products are usually right up there with the best.But...the tv/platform is about 2-3 years away. I will try again down the line once they build out the functionality and app store. Great picture though!For the record, we have 8 smart tvs in the house from 3 different companies. And we still felt we needed to return this and go with a different brand that is more mature.
    Received my 75inches Amazon fire omini TV today and my first impression is absolutely fantastic. Amazon has not shared much technical information like panel type is IPS or VA but since it supports enhanced dolby vision I assume hardware is high end and supports 12 bit depth at panel and graphics/processor level. I have watched so far SDR and HDR 4k contents and performance is absolutely amazing out of box settings. I will return to my updates after spending some more time with various types of contents, specially enhanced dolby vision.Amazon already earned my respect for providing a premium quality TV at nearly half price of competition.Update Oct 30th- watched squid games on Netflix in Dolby vision. When source contents are in DV mode this Tv senses the format automatically and DV logo appears on playback. I watched at night time keeping lights off in room and paid attention to all kinds of scenes that were being presented like day light, night times, indoor, outdoor etc. It scored absolutely 100% movie theater level presentation which I thought was never possible on LCD Tv. Color clarity to the extent no detail missed.Issues- yes I noticed 2 issues too and none bothered me yet but in case Amazon technical team wants to know.1. Backlight bleed from top left corner of screen during idle state of TV when no contents are being played.2. Video playback turned absolutely black occasionally with just audio sound going on. This happened while watching episodes of LOST season 2, episodes 16 to 20. It happened consistently when commercials that interrupt automatically in between and absolutely after last commercial is complete, episodes playback resumes with only audio and no video. Exiting episode and returning back to resume play manually always resolved this issue. I assume it to be a software glitch either of IMDB TV or Amazon prime.

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