Hisense 50H8F 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart ULED TV HDR10 (2019)

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  • Brand Name: Hisense
  • Item Weight: 39.9 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 49 x 31 x 7.5 inches
  • Item model number: 50H8F


The Hisense h8f is the most advanced TV in its price class providing a picture with richer colors, more detail, better brightness, and smoother motion. For the first time, the h8 is powered by Hisense’s proprietary...

User reviews

I bought the Hisense 65H8F model, I have only had it for one day. And so far I am loving it, it does have a free bad things about it, but overall it went above my expectations. I have always owned Samsung or LG TVs but decided to give Hisense a go for to bring able to have Android TV for cheap. Not my peeps and cons are based on the hardware not the software as it can be updated fairly easily unlike traditional smart TVs.Cons:Dark corners of screenBrought white colors seems to cause minor bleedingLegs seems flimsyScrewed for mounting hardware are you short and get small.CPU could be fasterLack of storage space, could be higher for little $$.Pros:Amazing picture qualityVery light tv, way handles to left byVirtually no bezelVery comfortable remoteSupports ARC, eliminating cables to sound system.240 motion rate makes video look amazingHDR allows the long night to be seen unlike either of Samsung TVs.Now a free weird about how I used it tonight. Loaded up all my favorite Google apps, YouTube tv, youtube, Google play movies, along with hbo, steam link.First off I didn't expect steam link to work so well. I have Google WiFi and it streamed the Witcher in 4K to my TV with no noticable lag, tried a lot of other action games as well such as gungeon and Sine Mora, and battlefield 4. All played extremely well.4k content played extremely well though I didn't not have an Ethernet cable plugged in, it loaded and buffered to 4k within about 30 seconds. This is due to only having an 80 mbps connection.As above watched s8e3 the long night off hbo, the dark scenes we're clear and easy to see, watched it in broad day light with shares open on a 75° day with lots of sun. Again no issues at all.YouTube and YouTube seemed to be a bit slow.Default browser was not tried but I downloaded Brave and worked great, watched YouTube fatser hen YouTube app.Synced Google mini and Bluetooth controllers to tv, they all worked great.Google Home has not been able to find my TV, but that may be my Google home, it's been dying for a few days and doesn't responded like the other ones in my house. With that, my bedroom Google mini could control the tv just fine, but still can't add to my Google home app.I'll update again in 30 days. If my cons don't steer you away you will love this tv, and love the price you paid even more!Update: So bit longer than 30 days, still loving the TV, it is fantastic I have told many people about it and they too have ordered it. No its not the best on the market, but its amazing for what it costs. Everything i said still holds true. Fantastic product.
I couldn't find any reviews online except for sneakily sponsored Youtube "reviews" at the time I bought this so I'm writing this to try to help others out. This tv physically looks very nice and is very light, which is always good for setup. You can make the stand narrow to fit on smaller tables which is a brilliant idea.The panel itself seems to be very good. It has wide color gamut, has HDR, and gets really bright. The screen seemed a little dirty. I could notice some annoying vertical lines when looking at a uniform color screen - like a sky when playing video games - but this may have been just my particular unit. Overall, they did an amazing job with the panel at this price.However, the software and firmware all just seemed very unfinished. The Android home screen personally is just too much for me. I don't need all that when I turn my TV on. My old Roku TV seems like such a better tv interface. It is simple and easy. Android TV has rows and rows of different stuff and the input icon seems like an afterthought.The picture, while good, seems like it needs to be highly adjusted no matter what you're using it for. The motion thing seems to always be turned on, youtube videos looked really jittery, and colors just always seemed to be off. I bought this primarily for Xbox One X HDR gaming, and I spent a lot of time just trying to get the picture right. The bad thing about this is that the settings menu is extremely complicated. You never know if you're adjusting for just that mode or other modes, the menus are not intuitive, and the setting you want is probably greyed out because of the mode you happen to be in.The sound is very good for a TV and the theater effect is better than I expected - which was not much. But occasionally the TV just wouldn't output and sound and I'd have to go back to the home screen and then back to the input to get it working again.The dealbreaker for me was the Game Mode (the mode that minimizes input lag from the controller) seems to be broken as of this writing. With it on the color banding was atrocious - definitely in HDR gaming and probably in SDR too. Areas of the screen that should gradually go from dark to light (like a dark sky or dark hallway shadow) instead transition in ugly bands of color. If I changed the setting to a normal HDR mode everything would be fine but the input lag would be noticeably high making it impossible to play. (I thought I was going crazy and tried every adjustment on my Xbox and TV to no avail - I finally found one owner on a forum stating the same problem which made me realize it was not just me.) Since the picture looks fine on non-game mode I'm assuming this is a software problem which can be fixed by Hisense in the future.Using this primarily as a gaming TV, I am now going to have to contact Amazon and try to return it, which should be fun with an item this large. Luckily Amazon usually has amazing customer service.To conclude, this TV is exactly what you should expect for the price. Amazing they were able to fit so much in for $500, but everything seems just a little off and rushed, like a few corners were cut everywhere. It does seem like almost all of my criticisms can be solved with software updates though, so my review may become outdated in the future. One comparison to help: my old TV was a TCL 55P605/P607. It lacks some of the features of this one, but is overall just a much, much better put together machine. The home screen is simple and the picture settings all just seem to work right out of the box.
I literally don't even understand how this is listed as 4k, 240hz and has even one positive review. It's visibly blurry around text, menus, much less video. It's laggy like I've never seen. Literally tryingt o watch ANYTHING (streaming or not) is horrible lag. I didn't even know that could happen. It's absolutely NOT 240hz, especially at 4K. When I went to plug in the HDMI I discovered every port is labelled 4k 60hz. I thought maybe there was a menu item somewhere to switch it to at least 120hz - nope. The lighting is extremely uneven. The AndroidOS forces you to sign into Netflix even when trying to cast from your phone - which is so stupid - totally defeats the purpose of casting. Just an all around horrible product. I don't understand!

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