VIZIO 43-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast built-in, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDMI 2.1, Auto Game Mode and Low Latency Gaming

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  • Brand Name: VIZIO
  • Item Weight: 21.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 38.31 x 8.35 x 24.52 inches
  • Item model number: V435-H11
  • Speaker Type: Built-In


Discover the wonder of 4K entertainment with the all-new VIZO V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV. The feature-packed V-Series combines 4K Ultra HD and full array backlighting with Dolby Vision high dynamic range and the...

User reviews

I bought this tv for one reason.... Playstation 5! I didn't want to spend $1200 for a game tv but I wanted to be ready for the 4k capability of the ps5. All I had was a 5 year old HD 43" for my ps4. Its mounted on my wall next to my beautiful 55 inch Samsung that is used for streaming movies. This is for gaming only and is off to the side of the main tv but right in front of my recliner. I know it's not the highest picture rating for movies but that's not its purpose. What it does have is a great color range...4k gaming engine that makes input lag superior and lower than most other high end tvs. It's only 60hz refresh rate (limits you to 60 fps) but the PS5 sweet spot for the first few years will be 4k 60 fps anyway. Most games that will have the 120 fps will make you drop the resolution down to 1080p. I will always choose 4k with 60 fps. I just set it up and it even makes my ps4 games pop! Can't hardly wait for my ps5 pre order to arrive in a few weeks... but I'm ready! Game on! It even has hdmi 2.1! Be sure to check out the professional ratings on Rtings com to see if this tv has the right positive features you require.
Hope Specs Help
The Amazon description on this TV clearly says it has Bluetooth connection but IT DOES NOT! I bought this, got it mounted on my wall, only then to discover it did not have Bluetooth which was a BIG reason I bought it. SO now I have to send it back and buy a different TV which means hundreds of dollars tied up while waiting for my refund! Very poor business from this Amazon seller.

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