SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV & Monitor 13.3″, Built-in DVD Player with HDMI, USB, SD & AC/DC Input: DVD/CD/CDR High Resolution and Digital Noise Reduction

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; DETAIL: SuperSonic HDTV brings you a crisp high definition picture quality for stunning detail and contrast. The colors projected from the monitor contains a...

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DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! SuperSonic as a company doesn't exist anymore! They merged with some sort of software company and when you try to get warranty service at [...] you get a page that can't be found and a message that they merged with another company... Going to that other company website has ZERO information on how SuperSonic customers can get warranty work... DEADThe actual TV & DVD work FANTASTIC! My AC cord doesn't work but using another power cord from another LCD monitor or the supplied 12V power cord and the TV works great!...BEWARE! This item should be pulled from Amazon or at least a disclaimer that any issues have to be addressed in the Amazon return window or your out of luck.
It's an LED HDTV for under $200! I'm amazed that for that price I could get such an amazing picture, a DVD player and it's 12 volt for the camper trailer. I have it installed on a ceiling mounted swivel so that we can watch it from the bedroom or from the living room and it will be wired into our stereo for much better sound quality. The 12 volt feature is what I was looking for and was actually looking into installing on of the 14 inch screen TV's for SUV's, but when I found this one (even cheaper than I could get a built in for) I had to have it. It's small enough for the camper trailer and big enough that we can see it clearly from both ends of the trailer. I'm still building the trailer, but installed this for wiring and trial purposes. (gotta know where the plugs go, had to reinforce mount surface to hold it) The downsides: It's LED so viewing angle matters. You will have to angle it for best viewing (got that covered with a swivel/tilt/folding ceiling mount ) The speakers are small and it does not get loud enough to hear (I have a stereo that is being installed and it has input features just for this type installation) While installing it, I found that the screw holes in the back (for the mount) are very shallow. I can cut off the screws, so to me it's not a big deal but the screws that came with the mount are too long for it. They need to be 8mm long or 5/16 of an inch. Easy fix for me. For you RVers: This TV draws very little power at all! In our 23foot Holiday Rambler this is a bigscreen! You will need to put a 12 volt power outlet close to it and be ready to put a 3.5mm speaker output wire in as well so that you can wire it to your sound system. I can hear it as-is over the Air Conditioner, but just barely. I'll update this as time goes by... Stay tuned! Well after 6 months of use in our camper (as we're still working on it as well) I'm very happy with it. We had a few really severe storms that came though and we had a lightning strike. I figured that the TV was toast as we no longer had a nice crisp clean picture. With a little investigation I found that the power cord and the antenna cable were burned. I replaced them both and we're back up and watching an amazing picture. One problem though; every now and then the picture seems to pixilate and freeze. It's easily remedied by changing the channel and going back, but it's still bothersome. If I have to buy another, I'll still buy this same one!
This TV was the perfect size for the space I placed it above my desk. Previous reviews complained about the viewing angle and I agree it is limited both horizontal and vertical. The vertical more so. I left the stand screw a bit loose allowing me to tilt the screen downward enough to minimize this problem.I also read the complaints regarding the sound but I found going into the settings and adjusting the bass and treble resolved this to my satisfaction. It is not Hi-Fidelity but certainly adequate for comfortable listening.The DVD works fine but I will rarely use it. Overall I'm very satisfied, especially at the price.Update 10 months after purchase: After 6 months of use the power switch on the remote control stopped working. The cost for a replacement was almost half what I paid for the TV! I opted to just use the power switch on the TV. After 10 months of use the unit will no longer power on at all. There's a reason the warranty is for 90 days, that how long it lasts before problems begin to occur. I've never used the DVD, I have it turned on less than 20 hours per week and it has remained stationary in a well ventilated spot above my computer. the unit either has poor workmanship, poor components, or both. I would not recommend this unit to anyone. I will pay a bit more for a replacement and NEVER purchase from Supersonic again. All the negative reviews I previously read were unfortunately true.I downgraded my Stars to 3 because of the remote control. The power button is now malfunctioning (difficulty turning TV on or off). Yes, I did replace the batteries. The warranty covered this for only 90 days so I'm out of luck having it replaced. The replacement cost is $25 plus $10.shipping- Ridiculous! I will look for a universal remote that will likely cost less than half.

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